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Design Services

In today's digital world, a competitive solution is a result of quality effort by experts of different fields. Renzym employs individuals with strong theoretical background and rich practical exposure in their specialized domains. From concept to algorithms and from algorithms to complete electronic product development we offer technical consultancy and cost effective out-sourcing design services at every stage of a product development process. If you are looking for a high quality design services, Renzym is your answer.
  • Embedded System Design

    Embedded System Design

    High speed processing and data acquisition hardware design, driver...

  • SDR Waveform Design

    SDR Waveform Design

    SDR waveform design for single and multicarrier wireless networks...

  • FPGA Based Design

    FPGA Based Design

    Hardware design of any complexity for Xilinx and Altera FPGAs in...

  • DSP Software Optimization

    DSP Software Optimization

    Optimized floating/fixed point coding in C/C++ and assembly...

Ongoing projects

  • MIMO OFDM Testbed

    Non Destructive Testing

    This NDT project is carried out in collaboration with a renowned international...

Completed Projects

  • MIMO OFDM Testbed

    MIMO OFDM Testbed

    Real-time MIMO-OFDM testbed with GNU radio based integrated SDR...

  • Phased Array Radar

    Phased Array Radar

    It is basically a 32 elements, pulse Doppler, moving target ...