Industrial Collaborations

Renzym has built strong collaborations with industry and academia over the years. We are actively pursuing various R&D projects involving software defined radios and phased array radars in collaboration with different companies and universities. We take these R&D activities as a key to continuously enhancing our capabilities, highly skilled human resource development and staying ahead of our competitors in the evolving avenues of technology.

Following is a list of organizations we are working with on different research projects.

Abasyn University

Renzym OCR research group is housed at the Abasyn University Campus. It was established under the grant from Government of Pakistan's National ICT-R&D Fund. It's primary responsibility is to execute the funded project "Smart Intelligence - An OCR Engine for Android & iPhone Smart Phone".

Technology Nucleus

Technology Nucleus is Research and Development based organization delivering engineering hardware and software solutions, technical consultancy and trainings. Renzym closely works with Technology Nucleus in the research and development of state of art radars. Currently we are jointly working with Technology Nucleus in the development of an L-band, phased array, ground to air, MTI radar prototype.


Irtiqa is an emerging technology company working in the areas of ground based surveillance radars, mobile and wireless networks performance optimization and network management software solutions. Renzym is in collaboration with Irtiqa to work jointly on the wireless networks and radar related projects. Renzym will provide the hardware design while Irtqa will be responsible for software development.

Following is a list of organizations we are working with on different research projects.


Center of Research in Networks and Telecommunications (CoReNeT) at M. A. Jinnah University, Islamabad aims to foster the research and development activity in the rapidly growing field of networks and telecommunications. We are collaborating with CoReNet in the projects of TDMoverIP pseudowire and People-Meter development. Renzym is responsible for providing the services of hardware design and chip fabrication for the CoReNeT R&D projects.


Renzym and RadioSoft have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) two years ago to jointly work in the development of high performance HF, later extendable to VHF, software defined radios (SDR) for digital voice and data transmission. Radio hardware design is the responsibility of Renzym while RadiSoft is taking care of the communication software development.

Iqra University

Renzym is also working with computing and technology department of Iqra University in the development of Real-time MIMO Testbed. Our main focus is on the development of physical layer algorithms and an integrated SDR framework, for both PHY and MAC, to enable rapid prototyping of MIMO-OFDM systems.