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Renzym products are focused on the development of true software radios with the minimum of implementation effort in the hardware. Our team is striving to provide our customers state of the art SDR platforms and software frameworks that can enable them to build software defined radios directly from personal desktops/laptops using serial USB and sound card interfaces.
  • SDR Communication Kit

    SDR Communication Kit


    SCK enables true SDR development directly from class room...

  • HF SDR Transceiver (HST)

    HF SDR Transceiver (HST)


    High performance HF transceiver offering 48 KHz of bandwidth, DDS...

  • Renzym SDR Framework

    Renzym SDR Framework


    A powerful, digital modem software with more than 15 built in PSK,...

  • HF SDR Testbed

    HF SDR Testbed


    A powerful combination of HF SDR Transceiver and

  • Speech Scrambler

    Speech Scrambler


    It is an analog speech scrambling module. It doesn’t require a...

  • Renzym Encryption Module (REM)

    Renzym Encryption Module (REM)


    It is a digital speech encryption module for conventional analog...