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This app is an outcome of the research work carried out by Abasyn University's OCR Research Group. This work has been fully funded by Government of Pakistan's ICT R&D Fund.

Scan & Scribe can convert your Handwritten and Printed Documents, Scribbled Notes, Whiteboard Brain Storming Sessions into Editable text that you can Copy, Save, Listen or Share. Its standout feature is its separate offline text recognition engines for Handwritten and Printed texts.

It is simple to use:

  • Take a camera shot of handwritten or printed text or Load some text based image from gallery.
  • Crop and/or skew the area of interest in the text.
  • Based on the input text image, convert the cropped image using Handwritten or Printed engine.
  • Review the extracted text, make corrections if required.
  • You can now listen the text or save it for future reuse.
  • You can also share it using email, sms or social media.


  • If image’s text direction is not from left-to-right, rotate the image.
  • Image should be cropped to rectangular shape so that only text remains in the cropped image.
  • Important: In OCR screen, select Handwritten option for hand written text only and Printed option for typed text only.

In case of text image, shot from smart phone camera:

  • Take image in bright environment.
  • Avoid shadow of the phone on the text.
  • Turn on flash if required.