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Android App


Tired of searching relevant information from countless, and mostly irrelevant, stories coming your way through Facebook, twitter and news articles? WhatMatters can save you the hassle by crunching this enormous information flow and bringing you only what matters most to you.

It learns from your Facebook account preferences and smartly categorizes stories into Sports, Entertainment, Business, Politics and Technology etc.

User needs a Facebook account to start the app at minimum. Adding more accounts such as Twitter, could help providing more contextualized posts, tweets and news articles. WhatMatters allows user to comment or like a Facebook post and share any story on Facebook or Twitter, LinkedIn without leaving the app.

What’s more! App will show the linked web-pages using powerful in-app browser which makes loading web pages faster and again without ever requiring the user to leave the app.

User can add custom categories, assign new categories to a particular post/news and sort items the way they matters most.

Weather updates are available which provides prevailing weather status in the context of your ambience.

Overall WhatMatters transforms the time-based user experience of viewing information by changing it into interest-based with its most differentiating feature of learning from user’s preferences in a smart way.