About Us

Renzym is a technology company which provides high end, system-level engineering and software solutions. It primarily deals in the design and development of communication and embedded systems. Renzym is actively involved in the development of a real-time MIMO-OFDM testbed, OFDM HF radio for long range secure voice and data transmission, a 64 element L-band phased array radar prototype, HF SDR transceiver and Renzym SDR framework. Renzym also provides technical consultancy, design and development services for communication and radar waveforms, embedded systems, FPGA based hardware, DSP software development and optimization. Besides design services, Renzym also offers on-demand professional trainings to the organizations and individuals to enhance their technical skills under the guidance of our experienced trainers.


Renzym’s answer to the design problems is: True solutions tend to be simple. From concept to design and from development to deployment, this is our guiding principle. Renzym fill in the voids which others have missed in terms of design, technology, economy or scalability. Blending this principle with proper understanding of real-world market gives our products competitive edge over others.

Renzym respects intellectual property rights. It is not only involved in various open source platforms/projects, but also plans to contribute to this community. The core business software tools used in the company are licensed and legal.


Renzym employs individuals with strong theoretical background and rich practical exposure in their specialized domains. Our employees have delivered on complex problems from concept to deployment. Renzym team has experience of working on various projects like Software defined radios, Telemetry systems, MIMO-OFDM systems, Vehicle tracking systems, FPGA based hardware design for carrier class gateways, Machine vision, Radar systems, Flight control computer, UAV’s sensors and High-speed network analyzers etc.

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